Building a modern office building

Visionary company buildings for visionary companies

Building a modern office building

We have a wealth of experience in the design, planning and realization of such projects – From a pure office building, to a headquarters with warehouse and technical hall, to a company building for office and workshop space with a directly integrated warehouse – we have now acquired a certain expertise that we are happy to put at your service. With AVANTECTURE you can build a modern office building that will enrich your company in many ways and will still be state of the art decades from now.

  • Efficient basic solutions & smart technologies for more productivity

  • Your brand as a monument:Dynamic & representative architecture

  • Inspiring working environments for current & future employees

Modern office building with warehouse in Kassel

GF Mr. Meier on the occasion of the design evaluation for the new headquarters of the Rohde Group in Kassel: ” … we take your design: it’s a great success – we particularly like the sloping wall along the entrance and the impressive bridge to the hall. Our customers will be delighted and our employees will be inspired.”
GF F. Meier, Rohde AG
(The Kassel branch of Rohde has been working in its new domicile for 1 year).

This property is a modern administration building with a workshop and warehouse, which is directly connected via a bridge. Together, the entire commercial building looks prestigious and has a strong character. The project underlines the company’s progressive mission statement.

Modern office building with warehouse in Kassel

Avantgarde company building near Aschaffenburg

Avant-garde headquarters near Aschaffenburg

“What an expressive form! This is clearly the best of the 3 designs shown – we want to pursue it further!”
GF Dr. Blümig, the IT company is using the building for the 6th year.

The IT company wanted to build an office building that emphasized the innovative character of the software solutions and the vision of the owners. Employees should be encouraged to perform at their best in an inspiring working environment.

Realizing a vision: Building a modern office building

Office building in modern architecture

Over 90 realized projects worldwide

Company building Entrance Counter
Inspiring office space
Avant-garde architecture
Company building with exposed concrete bridge
Innovative office building
Futuristic company building
modern office

Modern office building in Leipzig

Administration building with hall

“Our customers are delighted with your design: our headquarters have stood almost like an icon at the entrance to Leipzig from the A9 for two years. All of our partners and customers know it by now because it stands out. My father and I particularly like the way you have integrated the large hall building into the office building by extending the façade – it all looks so much bigger than it actually is. And the idea of interlocking the two parts of the façade and the sloping mounding, which creates a very unusual image, is extremely successful!”
Benjamin Rübner, Jr. GF EAB Rübner

The administration building was planned together with the warehouse as a complete architectural work. The hall was built as a system construction and the rear was lined with aerated concrete so that the façade can merge with the office building in solid construction.

Modern office building in Leipzig

Building corporate and office buildings in a new style

Inspiring working environments

Innovative and prosperous companies often want to show their customers how future-oriented they are, how strong and efficient they are. The aspect of retaining a company’s most valuable resource – capable employees – with the best possible working conditions and creating the basis for them to perform at their best is also becoming increasingly important.

Specialized architects for office buildings

In addition to timeless office buildings in the Bauhaus style, we have also created avant-garde and futuristic designs for commercial buildings. From modern headquarters with a symbolic expression to an ultra-modern technology center (please see our projects in the “Visions” and “WIP” sections). We accurately analyze the company’s needs, internal processes and the client’s intentions. We then develop viable concepts and solutions in the appropriate architecture. Whether the design language should be spectacularly impressive or dominated by elegant noblesse – you alone decide which unique features will characterize your modern company headquarters.

Efficient floor plans & smart technologies

We carefully and precisely develop efficient utilization structures for your building and the use of sustainable materials should contribute to an equally sustainable investment. Despite all the effort that goes into creating exceptionally effective modern architecture, the building must always be functional and cost-effective to use. From ice storage to solar fences – many innovative ideas are waiting to be implemented by you. Extravagant furnishings and surprising material constellations in the office will convince your customers of your unusual way of thinking and your exquisite taste. The entire building will be a monument to your company and bear witness to your assertiveness, style and professional excellence.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Exclusivity through your personal unique design
  • Security through meticulous implementation during house construction
  • Creativity through innovative interior design concepts
  • Individuality through masterfully staged architecture, precisely tailored to your pre-selection
  • Planning reliability through interdisciplinary planning without interface losses
  • Efficiency through virtual pre-sampling of the building
  • Budget security through general contractor-trained calculation and tendering
  • Quality thanks to our experience from over 90 completed projects (> References)
  • Presentation as a model with removable covers as a 3D print, as a working model or as a precision model
  • Innovative solutions for private builders & medium-sized companies
  • Turnkey realization with our construction partners

Modern technology center with production hall and warehouse

Penthouse office on a high-rise bunker

“This hall with the same expressive form of our planned building on the bunker will be the first step towards our “Technology Center” ensemble and will show our customers and our partners from Europe and China the power that resides in our company and the progressive spirit that prevails in us and our employees.”
Managing director of an environmental technology company

This technology center consists of a modern designed production hall, the existing bunker as an energy storage facility and an office building as a penthouse extension with representative meeting rooms and office space. The building also contains residential units for business guests.

Penthouse office on a high-rise bunker

Modular office buildings

Dynamic office building for dynamic companies

Modern office buildings are one of our specialties, to which we are particularly dedicated!

We have developed two systems for fast-growing companies (Hexacomb and Cube) which, in addition to having a good architecture, are above all designed to be flexibly expandable and yet cost-effective. The various buildings can be combined to create a uniform ensemble. The use can be varied if your needs change. A modular company headquarters that takes into account the volatility of today’s world and still meets the highest standards of style and quality.

Your unique building – A company building as unique as the company itself

From a pure office building, to a headquarters with warehouse and technical hall, to a company building for office and workshop space with a directly integrated warehouse – we have now acquired a certain expertise that we are happy to put at your service. We have even designed a production hall for sensor technology. We can respond precisely to your budget requirements, precisely because we have also realized such projects ourselves. From simple cubes and beautiful Bauhaus-style shapes to avant-garde, symbolic forms: we can offer your company exactly what you need. Much more individual than a prefabricated building could be. Should it simply be an efficient utility building? Or should it function as a sculpture, as a symbol of the power and future viability of your company’s ideas? We can do both – all you need to do is provide us with an analysis of your objectives and commission us to design them. Together we are developing a very special office building.

It can also be several studies so that you can focus on the winner and make sure that you know your options. Let us convince you of our quality.

Why a modern office building pays off

An administration building based on the latest findings in modern commercial construction is a good investment from many points of view.

  • Inspiring working environment increases the effectiveness of your employees
  • New Work: well thought-out floor plans and flexible office spaces for agile working
  • Attractive architecture turns the office building into an employer branding tool
  • Prestigious business premises are an image factor
  • Efficient floor plan solutions reduce unnecessary routes in the office and increase productivity
  • Flexibility through modular construction, no losses due to lack of or vacant rental space
  • Innovative building technology efficiently generates electricity for self-sufficient working
  • Smart technologies in the offices and outside accelerate processes
  • Thermal insulation saves heating energy in the house
  • Clever planning reduces costs
  • Innovative building technology generates electricity efficiently

Many of our customers generate more energy with their office building and/or hall construction than they need themselves. The surplus may even be used to cover the interest on the financing of the project. We would be happy to advise you on investment planning.

Modern office space

Example design – HQ T-Type office building


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Realizing your vision: Planning a modern company building

Our architects’ visions for futuristic company buildings

Futuristic office building
Showroom design
Futuristic company building

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