Building a modern luxury villa

Design, planning & construction of modern luxury villas

Building a modern luxury villa

Designing, planning and building modern luxury villas is our particular passion and expertise. The Bauhaus, the style and the architects of the international style still have an impact today. They form the tradition that still characterizes the best modern designs. On this basis, we aim to achieve further development with every new project. The sculptural architecture is completed by completely individual floor plans, luxurious furnishings and loving design details throughout the house.

The architectural staging of a pool as a villa is always a major theme, as the example on the left shows. Our portfolio includes numerous exclusive villas with a pool.

Building exclusive houses

All our unique buildings have one thing in common: they are designed and conceived exclusively for the respective client. The room program and your exact intentions are explored using a catalog of questions generated from experience and are incorporated 1:1 into our designs and subsequent planning. The result is an individual home tailored precisely to your needs, absolutely unique.

“Their design is outstanding, they managed to fulfill all of our specifications. There are many modern, exclusive houses on Wannsee. But ours is still very unusual. The dark façade with the brick slips makes it something special.” – Dr. Porsch 2 years after moving in.

Building exclusive houses

Timeless elegance – luxury architect’s house in Berlin with gray façade, lots of glass & natural stone elements

Luxury villa with pool

Luxury villa with pool

It seems that a pool is the ultimate feature of a luxury villa. Hardly any of our projects in recent years have been realized without a pool. This is not surprising: the water basin is not only an additional comfort on hot days, but also a visual extension of the building.

An infinity pool looks particularly impressive on a terrace on a slope with a view of the valley. The actual pool wall remains invisible thanks to an overflow edge. Sky and water visually collide directly. A special highlight for any luxury home.

A pool in a villa on a slope is particularly spectacular when it juts out into the valley. Our architects have worked out this exciting element in the “Skyhouse” and “Circle” studies, among others. Based on these studies, the cantilevered pool has even found its way into a customer project > discover

Modern luxury villa on a hillside

Your advantages at a glance

  • Exclusivity through your personal unique design
  • Security through meticulous implementation during house construction
  • Creativity through innovative interior design concepts
  • Individuality through masterfully staged architecture, precisely tailored to your pre-selection
  • Planning reliability through interdisciplinary planning without interface losses
  • Efficiency through virtual pre-sampling of the building
  • Budget security through general contractor-trained calculation and tendering
  • Quality thanks to our experience from over 90 completed projects (> References)
  • Presentation as a model with removable covers as a 3D print, as a working model or as a precision model
  • Innovative solutions for private builders & medium-sized companies
  • Turnkey realization with our construction partners
Luxury villa on a hillside

Modern luxury villas on a slope are now represented to an above-average extent in our references – obviously because such properties particularly appeal to our clients.

The quality of such hillside locations with their beautiful views of the valley always inspire us to build very unusual houses. You will find flat roof houses, modern pent roof houses and modern pitched roof houses in our references and they all share the same striving for modern architecture, for a special expression. This should not be subject to contemporary tastes, but should be timeless in its quality. To achieve this, we are constantly looking for innovation in form and equipment concepts. The standard is not enough for us and we try to think as far ahead as possible.

A luxury villa as a total work of art in modern architecture

This is what you can expect from us

Their status as a total work of art is becoming increasingly important in our latest projects.

Light coves in the living room, frameless interior doors and flush skirting boards – extravagant fittings complement the special architecture and result in a high-quality composition of interior and exterior design. Whether it’s black marbled tiles in ultra-large format and an absolutely identical natural stone look, acrylic glass with gold flake inlays or 3D embossed floorboards – we know the exclusive materials and technical features that suit this type of exclusive luxury villa. Our partnership agreements with the world’s most exceptional manufacturers ensure the availability and availability of samples of very special products. It almost goes without saying that your villa will be built as a solid construction and will therefore retain its value for generations to come.

Modern villa by the lake with natural and swimming pond

It is one of our most beautiful houses, wonderfully surrounded by a Japanese garden and a Y-shaped natural and swimming pond, which the owner shares with his koi fish. A hovering garden house above the water level of this pond, the stepped expressive silhouette and the striking slanted columns make this ensemble something special among the many exclusively modern residential buildings on this site.
“Of the 120 or so new houses built here, hers is by far the most architecturally significant. Although they all have flat roofs and there is a restrictive modern B-plan for all builders here, they found a creative way to make our house stand out! Anyone who visits our development area (Kap Zwenkau) will notice our house in a positive light.”
Mr. Kämer 6 years after moving in – the development area with its own harbour is now almost complete.

Modern lakeside villa with natural and swimming pond at Cape Zwenkau

Villa staged in a modern way

Villas are characterized by a certain size and a representative character. So what factors “qualify” a modern villa of today? In our opinion, the architectural standard of such a building should go beyond a normal cube. We are talking about sculptural architecture with characteristic components, projections and recesses. An exciting building that differs from a typical detached house.
The individuality of the clients was to be implemented 100% in the villa. A house as individual as its residents. Our architects develop the floor plan, the architecture and the design like a tailor-made suit. In such projects, we often encounter diffuse properties, e.g. on slopes. This calls for sound specialist knowledge, a wealth of experience and a well-networked team with no interface losses.
Villa modern

Modern villa with flat roof in Berlin – The cubic structure rests on a dark base and appears to float

Modern luxury home on the river in Leipzig

We are finally able to realize a project in our home country again: after 15 years of project work in half of Europe, we are returning home. We are particularly pleased that this will be one of our most extraordinary villa projects. This large luxury villa with an “edge pool” from our prototype arsenal of special details is situated above a river, close to it and yet high up on the slope.

The project is gracefully integrated into a former estate with various high-quality buildings and an impressive tree population.

Our customer Dr. F. from Leipzig: “This will be the best villa in our city. The pool is very impressive and so is the shape of the building. I wanted the façade to be a beautiful, strong grey, and your visualizations prove that my wish was right.”

Modern luxury home on the river in Leipzig

Luxury home with sculptural architecture

A residential sculpture or a luxury home in a sculptural design language? A symbolic, unusual and sometimes even avant-garde or futuristic architectural language is what we particularly like to express. Our buildings are always distinctive and always stand out as progressive and special, even in development areas with several modern villas. Let yourself be inspired by our numerous examples below. These are houses with 300 – 600 square meters of living space.

  • +30 years of experience from more than 90 house construction projects worldwide

  • For the highest standards of design and quality

Luxury house with pitched roof
Luxury house flat roof
Luxury architect's house
House on a slope Luxury
Architect's villa Switzerland
Luxury flat-roof villa

Distinctive living: the definition of luxury

What does luxury actually mean in the context of building a house? A particularly large area? Exquisite materials and equipment? These factors certainly play a role. In our opinion, however, luxury lies in a 100% individually planned living environment that is built as a unique structure. A tailor-made suit, as unique as you are. A villa that will not be found a second time anywhere else in the world – built as a solid house and retaining its value into the next century.

Building a modern luxury home with AVANTECTURE means making absolutely no compromises: sculptural architecture, individual one-off planning and innovative concepts for materials, building services and fittings. We regard every home as a complete work of art. The expressive design language is to be reflected in the interior. We even develop unique pieces of furniture and special details.

Luxury villa with curved look, pool and floating garden house

Mr. M. Hammer after handing over the detailed plans for the salon of his house:
“I really like it, the fireplace and the built-in shelves look very good. I also want to implement the other details – especially the rotating wall – in the same way.
I trust your expertise, we will make the pool exactly according to your design and if the bend costs me €100,000 more than a straight cover, the perfect whole is worth it to me.”
The building is currently in the shell construction stage and will be occupied next summer.

Luxury villa with curved look, pool and floating garden house

Modern luxury house Augsburg

“Hello my friend, we really like your design, really really cool – we want to do this with you!”

And later when the detailed plans are completed: “….. very nice details inside and outside, you have fabricated there – especially the garden design with the floating terrace, the entrance zone with the slats and even the matching fence, we find the colors and the materials very nice, we rely on your choice of materials, you have found really wicked things ….. best regards Reza Therani”

Modern luxury house Augsburg

Luxurious equipment

Luxury house with pool on roof terrace

Luxury home with pool on the roof terrace

Relaxing in the pool on the roof terrace in the last rays of sunshine and looking out over all the rooftops at the Alpine panorama – this is only possible from a pool on the roof terrace. Statically, this is quite possible but difficult. You should consult experienced architects for such a luxury house project.
In our reference project in Switzerland, we realized such a pool.

Jacuzzi in the penthouse

It doesn’t always have to be a complete swimming pool. Instead of swimming laps, a warm bath in the whirlpool is a relaxing alternative. When you can admire the view from the Jacuzzi on the roof terrace, the luxury is perfect.
Villa with Jaccuzi

Modern luxury homes – prototypes

High-end residential architecture in the luxury segment

We have several prototype designs for the very special luxury villa of a new kind in our portfolio. Here you can see some of these avant-garde and futuristic design villas of a completely new kind:

Villa N1 study

Luxury design villa


Study Villa Luxury

Skyhouse – futuristic house on a slope

Futuristic villa on a slope

Study urban villa M

Luxury villa Munich

Circle- curved hillside villa


Luxury house sandstone

Individual house construction vs. prefabricated house

A standard prefabricated house is designed for the mainstream and must meet the needs of as many families as possible in a single-family home. With a luxury home from an architect, you achieve the exact opposite: uniqueness. Whether with a pitched roof or flat roof, as a city villa, bungalow or spacious property in the countryside – we work with you to develop a dream home that is perfect in style and quality. Luxury homes with exquisite furnishings, innovative home technology and smart home control for maximum comfort. There is no model house for such projects, only individual planning. Floor plans, furnishings and appearance are tailored to your wishes and optimally integrated into the property. In this way, we achieve an exclusive quality of living that would be impossible in a prefabricated house.

Our architectural treasure trove

Further representative projects and many pictures of the unique buildings shown here can be found on our homepage under: Projects – Visions.

Take your pick, let us inspire you for your home and get in touch with us: we would love to “lift one of these treasures into the daylight” together with you and realize it in an exclusive luxury home on your property. We have more than 30 years of experience in the construction and realization of luxury homes in particularly modern architecture.

FAQ – Building a luxury villa

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