Visions of our architects

Here you can see a selection of our designs for innovative houses and futuristic architecture. The pool of design studies and drafts has grown over the years and is used again and again, in whole or in part, in customer projects. The designs are available for your building project and can be adapted to your requirements.

Futuristic houses

Futuristic architecture can be found not only in our repertoire of design studies, but also in our reference projects. We develop each house with the aspiration of not only modern architecture, but also a sculptural character. It makes no difference to us how restrictive the specifications for building a house are: difficult slopes, narrow plots, flat roofs or pitched roofs – over the years, our architects have planned more than 90 complex projects with the highest standards of design and quality. We regard each house as a complete work of art, whose expressive design language is also continued in the interior. We achieve a quality of living that would be impossible with a prefabricated house – futuristic houses perfected in style and quality.

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