This is also a prototype that was developed to meet the requirement of a pitched roof with a certain inclination – as required in many building areas in Germany – with an innovative and very modern architectural language. In the best case, as our design envisages, the façade should be clad with the same material as the roof cladding. In addition to Alucobond and Corian, powder-coated sheet metal, exposed concrete or natural stone cladding are also possible. As a result, the roof merges with the rest of the façade, creating a completely new overall structure for the eye. Our 3D planning with subsequent visualization enables optimal decision-making for the choice of material.

There are many ways to interpret an architect’s house with a pitched roof in modern architecture.

Draft: 2018
Period: Future
Type: Modern houses > Architect’s house > Gable roof
DRAFT: H. Heinze