A modern interpretation of the villa

Here you can see a selection of our best modern villas from over 20 years of project development.

You will find flat roof houses, modern pent roof houses and modern pitched roof houses in our references and they all share the same striving for modern architecture, for a special expression. This should not be subject to contemporary tastes, but should be timeless in its quality. To achieve this, we are constantly looking for innovation in form and equipment concepts. The standard is not enough for us and we try to think as far ahead as possible.

An architect’s house as a total work of art

Their status as a total work of art is becoming increasingly important in our latest projects. Light coves in the living room, frameless interior doors and flush skirting boards – extravagant fittings complement the special architecture and result in a high-quality composition of interior and exterior design. Whether it’s black marbled tiles in ultra-large format and an absolutely identical natural stone look, acrylic glass with gold flake inlays or 3D embossed floorboards – we know the exclusive materials and technical features that suit this type of exclusive luxury villa. Our partnership agreements with the world’s most exceptional manufacturers ensure the availability and availability of samples of very special products.

Villas with modern architecture

The Bauhaus, de Stijl and the architects of the International Style still have an impact today. They form the tradition that still characterizes the best modern designs. On this basis, we aim to achieve further development with every new project.
If you compare the first of our buildings with those of recent years, you can see this evolution. From small detached houses, modern semi-detached houses and apartment buildings, to villas and modern luxury villas, we have now realized almost all types of residential buildings several times and have always learned something new and always taken at least one step forward.
Modern villas on slopes are now represented to an above-average extent in our references – obviously because such properties particularly appeal to our clients. The quality of such hillside locations with their beautiful views of the valley always inspire us to build very unusual houses.