Our joint path to your unique building

In over 20 years of teamwork in the development and realization of unique structures, we have perfected our performance processes.

Below you can see the resulting milestones.

Our processes, which have been continuously optimized over the years, ensure that the intuition of the design author quoted at the beginning is also supplemented by all relevant fundamentals.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a villa, company or public project.

  • Your individual conditions of use are analyzed (requirements for the room program, usable space, occupant structure now and in the future, etc.): with meticulousness, diligence and with life and planning experience, a catalog of questions optimized over the years is worked through and optimized up to the starting position of the design work.
  • The parameters of the property are determined and evaluated (location, gradient, orientation of the sun path, development plan, surrounding buildings, vegetation, noise protection requirements, attractive or obscured lines of sight, views to be avoided, external structures, etc.).
  • A room program is created and optimized (arranged according to floors and areas of use)
  • Definition of initial visualization-relevant equipment parameters (facade color, terrace covering, with or without fireplace, etc.)

Choose from 2 variants:

  • Variant A
    1-3 studies + winning study as final design
  • Variant B
    1-3 Complete designs to choose from
  • For the first time, all bills of quantities are filled accurately and with the current market prices according to the situation after submission of the final draft (just as we have practiced for 15 years as general contractor-trained estimators).
  • The result is a precise cost breakdown – not a “cost estimate”.
  • Subsoil expertise
  • Surveying work
  • Preparation of the building application
  • Preparation of structural engineering certificates (statics, fire protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation, energy performance certificate, test statics – depending on the requirements of the client and the building authorities)
  • Creation of the architectural execution planning in 3D (BIM)
  • Preparation of the structural design
  • Preparation of the building services plans
  • Preparation of detailed plans (staircases, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, wellness oases, children’s rooms, built-in niches, bedrooms, entrance areas, lighting design, etc.)

Our detailed brochure with more precise definitions and descriptions of the processes can be found in our download area.

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