This is a further development of the “Explorer” vision with almost all the advantages of this design and a special “extra”: a truly mobile vacation home in an ultra-light high-tech design – self-propelled and therefore even more flexible to position than the “Explorer”.
Like a caravan on a towing vehicle (jeep or motorboat), mounted on a railroad track on a wagon frame (if necessary also several combined), with electric drive on chains or wheels or in the future also amphibiously floating over land and water, this vacation home can move the user – albeit at the lowest speeds (2 to 10kmh) – through flatter terrain. Of course, routes have to be generated for this in the most beautiful areas – from reactivated railroad tracks through a heathland landscape to a leveled track through the prairie or a savannah in Tanzania. The “Nomad” is not intended to compete with any motorhome, so new views are constantly being created. The slowest and yet easiest way to travel. You will experience nature up close and varied – far away from the mass tourism. These residential properties are also adapted to the usual formats of today’s means of transportation – in particular the sea container, road and rail track widths.

Period: Future
Type: Design study, innovative, transportable vacation home
Location: worldwide
Design: Hans Heinze