The client approached us with the requirement to design a modern architect-designed house with a flat roof that would allow the elderly to live on one level, but still have a rooftop studio with a roof terrace and panoramic views over the Vogtland. The property is in a great location on a hill and offers beautiful views that should be exploited with generous glazing. Consequently, a 1.5-storey residential building was designed with very modern lines. The floor plan is slightly V-shaped to match the outer edges of the plot and the staggered storey is slightly turned in. This creates a very dynamic look. All the terraces of the detached house are generously covered, including the roof terrace. This roofing is created almost automatically by the expressive ceiling overhangs of the flat roof, which characterize our sculptural architectural language. The modern design continues in the interior as a total work of art: a custom-designed fireplace acts as a room divider in the spacious living, cooking and dining area. The floor was seamlessly covered with sealed mastic asphalt – a real highlight for fans of purist floor coverings. In order to avoid visually disruptive external venetian blind boxes under the ceiling, the client chose an innovative product that can be recessed into the floor. The sun protection is then closed from bottom to top. We would also be happy to advise you on this sun shading option.

Year of construction: 2017
Status: completed, reference
Type: Single-family house, flat roof in modern architecture
Location: Vogtland, Saxony, Germany

Draft & Design: H. Heinze
Planning: Architect H. Meerheim
Statics & BTNW: K. Hofmann

Building a modern architect-designed house with a flat roof

As a roof shape, the flat roof is the epitome of timeless architectural language. When a flat roof house is built by experienced specialists, there are no disadvantages compared to a conventional pitched roof or monopitch roof. Highly insulating and up to 30 cm thick sloped insulation (in accordance with the flat roof guidelines) and waterproofing membranes from the “BAUDER” system (German brand manufacturer) are used. If you still have concerns about the flat roof waterproofing, we recommend an additional slope of 2% (slight pitched roof). We specialize in particularly modern architect-designed houses with flat roofs and offer you 30 years of experience in the individual planning of more than 90 projects worldwide.