This year, a total of 17 new residential building projects are in various stages of realization.
A very large, modern pitched-roof villa on a slope in Königstein and another luxury villa in Bauhaus style with a flat roof on a slope overlooking the Rhine Valley expand our oeuvre in this segment.
For the first time, an exclusive modern vacation home with a floating pool on a lake is due for completion this fall and another one on the Baltic Sea will be started next spring.
Also on the Baltic Sea, a modern house with a clinker brick façade is being built, a first for us. The entire interior design was created by us.
An S-shaped luxury villa in Berlin on a lake with its own landing stage and an outbuilding is currently under construction and will be occupied at the end of next year.
A modern multi-family and commercial building, also on a lake, is currently being sold and will be built next year at Cape Zwenkau – in the neighborhood of a modern luxury villa (you can see it in our references) from us.
We have just received planning permission for a modern timber house with a monopitch roof and can now move on to the implementation planning.
A small modern house in a round shape will receive planning permission next month.
A luxury penthouse on a high-rise bunker from the Second World War represents a very special milestone in our development.
One of the absolute highlights among the current projects is another luxury villa in a curved shape with a floating terrace and garden house and a very large pool.
Construction has just started and the move is expected to take place in the middle of next year.

In addition, 4 projects will be completed by the end of 2020 at the latest.

This is a record for us. We have also reached a new level in the quality of architecture and the size of some buildings.
The best thing is that another 2 very extravagant modern hillside villas in Leipzig and Burgkunstadt are currently being finalized and a project in Zagreb, which was started 7 years ago but then fell asleep, is currently being revived.