An individual design house by an architect is a life’s work and opens up completely new qualities of living that cannot be compared with a prefabricated house. The experts at AVANTECTURE will work with you to develop a design house that is perfect in style and quality – a one-off design as unique as you are. Below we show various examples of modern design houses in different designs.

Design house architect

Individual design & sculptural architecture

We have an ambitious approach to architecture and design: we describe our design language as “sculptural”. The design house should not simply be a straight-lined cube, but should come alive with projections and recesses. This sets our designs apart from prefabricated houses and developer projects in particular.

Individual design house

Building a modern design house

More than 90 realized projects worldwide

The AVANTECTURE planning office has already been involved in more than 90 construction projects in modern architecture. Whether residential, office or educational buildings, we have decades of experience. You are guaranteed to find the right architect for your design house in our team.

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