With this design, our architect Helge Meerheim has given the monopitch roof a modern interpretation. The roof pitch is translated into a dynamic design language that runs through the entire architect’s house. The sporty lines are reflected in the side facades in particular. The pitch of the mono-pitched roof is translated with sloping wall panels and tapering pillars. The generous ribbon windows are also trimmed in a trapezoidal shape. The client from Dingolfing also attached great importance to ensuring that the architecture on the outside is continued on the inside. Avantecture provided extensive design drafts for this, from the bathroom design to the main staircase with its conically cantilevered steel steps. A tree in the middle of the building fills the atrium with life and is definitely a highlight of the project. A total work of art with an innovative design for a popular roof shape.

Year of construction: 2013
Status: completed, reference
Type: Single-family house, pent roof in modern architecture
Location: Dingolfing, Bavaria, Germany

DRAFT: H. Heinze
PLANNING: H. Meerheim
BTNW: K. Hofmann

A special pent roof house from the architect

The architects at AVANTECTURE always try to go a little beyond the “usual” modern solutions with their designs. The pent roof house can be found as a house type in numerous construction areas and is available as a prefabricated house from almost every house supplier. But you will search in vain for a truly innovative solution for the roof in modern architecture. Individual planning for a special architect’s house with a mono-pitch roof is required here. > Discover modern houses