In 2015, a modern villa with pool was built on a hillside in Pforzheim. Thanks to the property’s diffuse hillside location, the family can now enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the valley from all floors. The garden side of the house is almost completely glazed down to the floor. The ground floor and top floor of the villa were turned slightly towards each other to protect them from view, but also take the course of the sun into account. This motif gives the purist design a discreet unique selling point. Some parts of the fa├žade were clad with warm natural stone elements.

Modern villa as a total work of art

The modern design of the villa’s exterior is continued inside. Individual designs and unique pieces of furniture were created for distinctive points in the living spaces, turning this project into a total work of art. For example, the main staircase in the entrance area has been skillfully staged and the flatscreen in the living room disappears into a designer shelf behind books. In the bathroom, the freestanding cast mineral bath is an absolute eye-catcher.

Building a house on a slope

The hillside location creates a garden level that can be used as a fully-fledged living level and is directly connected to the terrace with pool. The children’s rooms and guest rooms are located here with access to the garden. There is a double garage at street level and a further terrace to the side with a connection to the cooking and dining area. It faces east and is ideal as a breakfast terrace.

Year of construction: 2013
Status: Reference
Type: Residential house, house on a slope, with pool
Location: Pforzheim, Germany

Design: Hans Heinze
Planning: Architect Helge Meerheim
Statics & BTNW: K. Hofmann

House building categories: modern houses > Flat roof > Houses on a slope.